Born in1963.
In 1987 graduated from Leningrad State Electrotechnical Institute
1987-1991 – PhD student in Leningrad State Electrotechnical Institute
1991-1998 – System engineer at “Astrosoft”
1998-2005 – Head of Enterprise Content Management department at “Digital Design”
2005-today – President at “Docsvision” LLC
Chief Technologist
Main Computing Centre
Russian Railways

Born in 1966, Mr Ageyev graduated from the Automated Control Systems Faculty of the Popov Higher Naval Academy of Radio Electronics. He has more than 20 years of experience in operating and developing IT infrastructures in various businesses and companies. In 2008, Mr Ageyev received his MBA from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT). He has worked at Russian Railways since 2003. Until 2011, he was responsible for implementing new technologies in the IT department of the St Petersburg data-processing centre. Some of the projects that Mr Ageyev has been involved in include the implementation of HP OpenView Service Desk and ITSM, a DTN management system, a systems management server based on Microsoft SCCM, and the virtualisation of computer resources on the basis of Vmware. He is also proficient with server and application management systems. Mr Ageyev has worked in the Main Computing Centre of JSC “Russian Railways” since 2011 and is currently Chief Technologist in charge of service management. He is responsible for the development of this area in all the Main Computing Centre's structural units.

Director of Project Implementation Department
Kazakh Railways National Company

Born in 1956.
Graduated from the Almaty Institute of Railway Engineers, Management of Traffic Processes on Railway Transport in Almaty in 1990.
1980-1991 – Tselinnaya Railroad, Computing Center, Mathematical Engineer.
1991-1995 – Kiborg, Software Engineer.
1995-1998 – Republican State Enterprise Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, Akmola Branch Computing Center, Deputy Director of the Production Division.
1998-2001 – Republican State Enterprise Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, Main Computing Center Branch, Software Engineer.
2001-2002 – Center of International Settlements for Freight and Passenger Transport, Director of the Operations and Information Department.
2002-2003 – CJSC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, Department of Economics and Finance, Director of the Operations and Information Department.
2003-2004 – JSC Kazakh Research Institute of Information Technologies, Head of the Sector for Site Survey Analysis and Planning.
2004-2008 – JSC National Information Technologies, Chief Engineer.
2008-2011 – Kazakh Railways National Company, Main Computing Center, Deputy Software Director.
Since 2001 – Directorate of Information Technologies as Director of the Department for Project Implementation.
Professor Head of Department Mathematics and Modeling

Born in 1939.
In 1968 ended VVIA of. Mozhaisk,
In 1970 - LSU of Zhdanov.
With 1968 on 2001 teacher and the manager of chairs
"Rockets of spacecrafts" and "Higher mathematics"
VKA of.Mozhaisk.
With 2001 to the present the professor of chairs "Higher mathematics"
and "Mathematics and modeling"
itSMF Russia

Born in 1971.
Graduated from the Tula State University in 1993.
From 1994 to 2005 – Head of Department, Bank of Russia.
Since 2009 – Deputy General Manager, IT Expert.
General Director

Born in 1969.
He studied at the Cosmonautics and Flight Vehicles School of Moscow Aviation Institute, graduating in 1994, earned a financial management degree from the Higher School of Economics under the Government of RF in 1996, and an MBA with specialization in Strategic Management from the Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow) within the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
From 1994 to 1997, Mr. Gurko held management positions in various commercial entities, and from 1997 to 2000 served as the CFO of Regiontrank and Sotsinteh-Komlog companies.
In 2001 he became the CEO of CJSC “Iridium Technologies”, and in 2004 the CEO of M2M Telematics.
In 2007 Mr. Gurko was appointed Executive Director of GLONASS/GNSS Forum, the association of designers, manufacturers, and users of equipment and applications based on global navigation satellite systems, later becoming Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Association.
On 21 October 2009, Mr. Gurko became the CEO of JSC “Navigation Information Systems” (NIS GLONASS).
Deputy Head, Informatization and Control Corporate Processes Department
Russian Railways

In 1980 Graduated from the Moscow Railway Transport Engineering Institute.
Further professional retraining, upgrading of qualifications (more than 72 hours): MBA, currently RZD Corporate University.
February 2004 to February 2005: Head of Automated Management Systems Section, RZD Corporate Informatisation Department. February 2005 to February 2006: Head of Section of Automated Management Systems in Marketing and Carriage, RZD Corporate Informatisation Department. February to May 2007: Deputy Head of RZD Corporate Informatisation Department. May 2007 to the present: Deputy Head of the Department of Informatisation and Corporate Governance Processes of Russian Railways.
Deputy General Director

Born in 1959.
Graduated from the higher naval College in 1981.
Graduated from the Moscow state University in 2004.
From 1981 to 2000 – armed forces of Russia.
From 2000 to 2013 – Director, Vice-President Company TTK.
Since 2013 – Deputy General Director, IIT.
Moscow State Railway University

After graduating from Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers in 1979 she was offered a position at the Faculty of Economics, Organisation & Management of Production. At the moment she is a First Director Deputy of the Institute of Management & Informational Technologies, Professor of the Faculty of Economics, Organisation & Management of Production. She reads lectures, consults the students on the economic aspects of their thesis and tutors the Master Degree students.
She works with students at the Centre of Competences, designing programmes for them and assisting to realize projects of Russian Railways. Since 2006 she has been supervising the master classes programme.
Official appointments:
- Russian Railways Commission on Price-forming under the aegis of Senior Vice-President F.B. Andreev since 2005.
- A member of Expert Group in Russian Railways Tender Commission that finalizes the IT contracts’ prices since 2007.
At the Higher School of Management of the Institute of Management and Informational Technologies she ensures the research work of MBA students on the programmes “Transport Business Management” and “Information management”.
Head of Unit
Research and Design Institute of Information

Born in 1983.
Graduated from the Moscow State University in 2006.
From 2005 to 2007 – Manager , NetUP.
From 2007 to 2011 – Head of Section, Dubna Technopark.
Since 2011 – Head of Unit, Research and Design Institute of Information, NIIAS.
Russian Railways

Born in 1966.
In 1980 he graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute named after M. Kalinin.
Positions that have been occupied in the last 5 years:
- Commercial Director,T-Systems CIS,
- General Director, T-Systems CIS,
- Director of the Representative Office of T-Systems Int. Gmbh,
- Director for Information Technologies - Head of the Department of Informatisation and Corporate Governance Processes of Russian Railways.
Since November 2012 Vice-President of Russian Railways.
General Director
Huawei Enterprise
Huawei Russia

Born in 1972.
In 1998 graduated from St. Petersburg State Technical University with the degree of Master of Science.
In 1999 took the position of account manager in Huawei.
From 2004 to 2006 leaded the sale of Datacom equipment, worked with public sector and large enterprises. In 2007 was appointed as KAD director in Huawei. In 2008 was appointed deputy head Russian regional office of Huawei. In 2009 he was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Huawei Symantec." From 2010 to the present time is the General Director of Enterprise Business Group of Huawei in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Untill 2007 Deputy Chairman of the Public Organization "Union of Chinese enterprises".
Information Technology Department
Russian Railways

Born in 1976.
In 1997 he graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering with a PhD in applied mathematics.
Starting from 1995 he worked at the Main Computing Centre of the Russian Ministry of Railways.
From 2007 to 2012 he served as deputy director of the Main Computing Centre of Russian Railways.
In December 2013 he was appointed Director of the Information Technology Department of Russian Railways.

Microsoft Russia

Born in 1972.
Graduated from Moscow Automotive & Road Institute (MADI) in 1994.
In 1996 got a degree in finance & credit at the All-Russian Distance Learning Institute of Finance and Economics.
In 1998 graduated from the High School of Commerce under the RF Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade and completed MBA program at International Management University (Paris).
Took a PhD in economics at the High School of Privatization and Business.
From 1992 to 1996 – Head of Market Development Division and Marketing Director, MSS-Start.
From 1996 to 1997 – General Manager, Moscow Cellular Communications.
From 1997 to 2000 – Executive Vice President, General Director for Russia, VimpelCom.
From 2000 to 2008 – Executive Vice President for International Business Development, VimpelCom.
Since 2009 – President, Microsoft Russia.

Head of work with Russian Railways

Born in 1981.
He graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2004.
He has been working for Infotecs – a Russian developer of VPN solutions and information security – since 2004, during which time he has been involved in various projects to build information security systems for Russian constituent territories and Russian Railways.
One of his most recent – and most significant – projects with Russian Railways was the design and implementation of a system to protect against the unauthorised copying of tickets on commuter and long-distance trains.
In February 2010, he was promoted to Head of work with Russian Railways.
Deputy Chairman for IT Security
Information Security Center

Born in 1973.
Graduated from the VIKA in 1995.
From 2010 to 2012 – Director of Department.
Since 2013 – Deputy Chairman, Information Security Center.
Director of the Training Centre
Main Computing Centre of Russian Railways

Born in 1977.
In 1999, he graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT).
From 2001 to 2004, he was a graduate student at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT).
In 2008, he was appointed Deputy Director of the Training Centre of the Central Computer Centre at JSC Russian Railways.
In 2011, he was appointed Head of the Training Centre of the Central Computer Centre at JSC Russian Railways.
Deputy General Director,
Director of the Information Technologies Department
Customs Brokerage Center

Born in 1966.
Graduated from Moscow Telecommunications Univercity in 1988.
Since 2008 – Deputy General Director, Customs-Broker Center.
Operational Director
RZD Logistics

Вorn in 1970.
In 1993, he graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute with a major in Control Systems of Rocket and Space Facilities and Complexes.
In 2004, he graduated from the Russian Academy of Railways with a major in Information and Telecommunication Technologies in Management.
He has worked in the industry since 1993.
From 1993-2007, he worked on the Gorky Railway. He rose from an electrician to director of the information and computer centre. He worked as an agency director at the Kostarikha station of the Russian Railways branch TransContainer on the Gorky Railway and was also deputy director of the First Service.
From September 2007-February 2011, he was deputy director for information and technological support at the TransContainer Centre for Cargo Shipment in Containers OJSC.
Since 2005, he has been a senior lecturer at the Russian Open Academy of Railway Engineering MIIT in the Railway Operations Department.
Since February 2011, he has served as director of operations support at Russian Railways Logistics JSC (OAO RZDL).
Sales and Marketing Manager
Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd.

He has been working in the transport industry for more than 42 years.
Most of this time has been spent with Transport for London (TfL) and its
He has vast operational experience within London Underground and also worked for two years on secondment to the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (SMRTC) as advisor on station and train service operational matters.
In recent years, Richard has been a key player in the delivery of the Oyster Card for TfL.
He has spoken at many conferences around the world on Smartcard ticketing and associated subjects.
He was the Oyster Business Manager and was the interface for all overseas visitors to London during his twelve year spell with the Oyster team.
He left TfL in 2006 and joined the team at Cubic Transportation Systems Limited. He is currently the Customer Relationships Manager and spends a lot of time meeting people and hosting visits to Cubic.
He has an MSc in Transport and Logistical Management gained through the Chartered Institute of Transport where he is a Fellow.
Technical Director
Russia and CIS region

Born in 1966.
Graduated from the STU of Telecomminications and Information Science in 1988.
From 1988 to 1993 – Digital Telecommunication Laboratory, senior engineer
From 1993 to 1994 – Central Bank RF, senior engineer, new technology department.
From 1995 to 1997 – Sun Microsystems, senior system engineer.
From 1997 to 2001 – Sun Microsystems ZAO, Support Services Regional manager, Siberia and Far East.
From 2002 to 2004 – Sun Microsystems ZAO, Sun Professional Services, manager.
Since 2005 – Technical Director, NetApp Russia & CIS countries.
Chairman of the Board of Directors
itSMF Russia

Born in 1968.
Graduated from the Moscow State Technological University STANKIN, p.h.d.
From 1995 to 2010 – employee at Hewlett-Packard.
Since 2010 – Business Development Manager, i-Teco.
From 2010 to 2013 – Chairman of Directors, itSMF Russia.
Since 2013 – Chairman of the Board of Directors, itSMF Russia.

Rail Consultant
Chairman of the Managing Board
HIT Rail

Mick is the leading rail consultant with a career specializing in all types of rail applications spanning 40 years.
He began his career in 1969 as a Railway Management Trainee for British Rail in the Birmingham Division and was trained in a wide range of rail operations and management departments.
From 1970 he moved into IT and worked on a broad spectrum of projects both operational, engineering and technical.
He was Project manager for Reservations, Engineering, Payment by Results, Operations Management, Payroll and Freight systems.
By 1980 he progressed to becoming the Manager for all operations systems including TOPS and TRUST. From the early 1990s was overall Technical Manager for all UK systems and IT Director for a year immediately befoe Privatization.
With the onset of Privatization in 1997 transferred to Sema as Head of Rail Domain Consultancy. Sema was merged with Atos and he continues to work for ATOS in the same consultancy role.
Has been President of the European Wide data networking group Hermes for over 25 years. Mick is one of the Managing Directors of Hitrail the Managing Company of the Hermes network.
From 2003 to 2009 was a key member of the Network Rail IM Strategy team specializing in the direction for applications and the overall application architecture.
Is advisor on all TSIs for UK and Spain.
In 2008 completed a study on Licencing for Train Drivers on behalf of the EU.
In 2011-2013 has been working on the future needs for rolling stock databases both for performance, engineering and safety needs.
Has been Chairman of the pan-european network group project Hermes (GPH) for over 20 years.
Has completed a study for EU DG MOVE on TSI functions and database needs.
Is currently also working on interoperability needs and solutions for Hitrail.
Member of the UIC Passenger Groups.
Dean of Electrical Engineering faculty
Chair of Mathematics and Modeling Department
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Born in 1947.
In 1970, he graduated from Higher Naval School. PS Nakhimov Sevastopol.
From 1965 to 1998 - served in the Navy.
In 1974 he graduated from the Naval Academy. NG Kuznetsov.
In 1987 – Ph.D. in 1999 - Doctor of technical Science.
From 2000 to 2004 - Professor of Department. «Higher Mathematics».
From 2004 to the present - Dean EEF.
Since 2005 - Head of Department.
«Mathematics and Modeling» of EEF.
Deputy General Director
Region Investment Company

Born in 1963
Graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Engineers of Railway Transport in 1985.
Until 1991 worked for undertakings under the Soviet Ministry of Transportation then - for different private companies
1993-1994 - deputy CEO of Surgut commodity Exchange
1994-1995 - chief of research at Geleum (Surgut)
1995-1998 - CFO of SINT Investment Group (Moscow)
1999-2001 - reporter, deputy chief editor, section editor of economics at Vedomosti newspaper
2001-2004 - deputy chief editor at Russky Fokus magazine
2009-2011 - deputy chief editor, scientific editor at Gudok newspaper
2004-2007 - chief of researh and external communications, and since 2011 - deputy CEO of Region Investment Company
Since 2006 - lecturer in media theory and economics at the Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University; co-author of textbook "Business journalism"
Chair, Information and Computer Systems Department
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Born in 1953.
Graduated from the VIKI them A.F. Mozhaysky 1977.
From 1977 to 1994 – Associate, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of the Department of VKA them A.F.Mozhaysky.
From 1994 to 2004 – Head of the Department.
From 2004 to 2005 – Professor of PSTU.
Since 2005 – Head of the Department of PSTU.
Business Development Executive in Transportation
IBM East Europe / Asia

Born в 1967.
Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies in 1990.
From 1998 to 1999 – System administrator in JCV «KBK Cheremushki».
From 1999 to 2003 – Chief deputy in information systems Dept JSV «Oil&Gas company Slavneft».
From 2003 to 2005 – Chief Information Officer in Company Group «Logos»
Since 2005 – Business development executive in Transportation in LLC «IBM East Europe / Asia».
Chairman of the Management Board
AED Rail Service

Born in 1955.
Graduated from the Riga Civil Aviation Engineering Institute.
Has been developing programming software for use in the sphere of railway transport and customs operations since 1998.
Senior Consultant
Hitachi Data Systems

He graduated with a master’s degree in Technical Physics from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 2004.
That same year, he joined HP as an IT support specialist.
He became a customer engineer in 2005, where he supported data storage systems and RISC servers.
In 2007 he became a mission critical engineer, and later an account support manager, where he supported major clients in Russia.
He transferred to the company HDS in 2010 as a leading technical consultant, where he is responsible for developing technical solutions in the transport sphere, particularly for Russian Railways.