Welcome Letters

Vladimir Yakunin, Russian Railways

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Russian Railways and on my own behalf, too, I welcome the participants, guests and organisers of the XVIII International Conference and Exhibition Information Technologies in Transport!

This forum is of paramount importance to us, as is evidenced not only by the impressive fact that this is the 18th such exhibition but also by the impact of Infotrans: for example, a year ago, we put electronic engagement with the Russian Federal Customs Service up for broad discussion and we have already achieved important practical results: we are exchanging data on a test site consisting of 30 freight forwarders and 46 railway stations.

Infotrans 2013, attended by hundreds of specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, France and many other countries, is designed to facilitate advanced decision-making in a crucial segment of the market for transportation services: informatisation of the railway business.

The forum annually features discussions on a variety of issues and, importantly, it gives an objective picture of the status of informatisation promotion in the industry, rather than one based on internal reports. This year, the agenda covers electronic document management, intelligent transportation systems, organisation and management of IT resources and training of IT specialists for the transport sector. Railway statistics, which celebrates its 140th anniversary this year, will be high on the agenda.

I am positive that the conference, which brings together a broad range of rail transport operators and leading international IT companies, will be a valuable practical tool for coordinating efforts towards effective development of railway transport.

I wish the participants success in their search for new innovative and high-tech ideas, inspiration and creative achievements, as well as luck in expanding their contacts and beneficial collaboration during Infotrans 2013.

Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin

Sergey Korneev, Technoserv

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to welcome you to the XVIII International Conference “Information Technologies in Transport 2013”.

Every year, Infotrans is the most significant event in the transport industry, determining the direction of further development in the sector. The Conference unveils advanced IT solutions that will very soon create new opportunities to improve the efficiency of transport companies, and gives momentum to new ideas that will enable industry participants to reach a new level of service.

Technoserv has been working with railway industry enterprises for more than 15 years, committing all its experience and knowledge to providing them with more opportunities to solve their ambitious business tasks. New technologies have always been the most effective instrument for achieving the key goals of our clients: safe passenger and cargo carriage, improved service standards and further development of the transport infrastructure.

I wish the participants in the Infotrans 2013 Conference fruitful work and success in implementing the boldest of business ideas.

Technoserv Group Chairman of the Board, Managing Director Sergey Korneev

Nikolay Pryanishnikov, Microsoft in Russia

Dear participants in the XVIII International Conference and Exhibition “Information Technologies in Transport” (Infotrans 2013),

On behalf of Microsoft, I would like to cordially welcome the conference participants. We are glad to be taking part in a key business event that brings together professionals in the field of railway information technology.

Today, a new generation of information solutions is turning information technology into a strategic asset that makes it possible to cut costs without compromising quality or stifling the creativity and efficiency of the workforce. These technologies help organisations reduce risk, improve safety and cut business support and development costs. The introduction of these solutions is the foundation for the development of Russian Railways and the economy as a whole.

In this context, Infotrans is an important working tool for solving the tasks facing the industry. These are, first and foremost, the acceleration of innovative processes in line with the goals of Strategy for Developing Rail Transport in the Russian Federation; the development of intelligent traffic control systems; and ensuring the introduction of modern transport and logistical systems. The Conference’s rich business programme offers Russian and foreign participants broad opportunities for exchanging information and experience, professional communication and strengthening business cooperation.

I would like to wish the organisers, participants and guests of Infotrans 2013 success in finding innovative solutions to the new challenges, and rewarding business contacts.

Microsoft in Russia President Nikolay Pryanishnikov

Abyshov Gabil, OCRV

On behalf of the OCRV, Russian Railways affiliated company, I welcome the participants and organizers of the XVIII International Conference and Exhibition Information Technologies in Transport 2013.

Efficient operation of railways is supported by a large number and scale of information systems qualified to meet the increasingly high business demands. Reliable operation of these systems is the key to the efficiency of the transport process in the whole, to high quality of services designed for all members of the transport market, and also to the stable development of the Russian economy.

For the 18th time the Forum invites for participation the best IT specialists in transport, representatives of Russian ministries and departments, deputies, Chief managers of Russian Railways structures, representatives of the railways in CIS, Baltic countries, foreign railways and transport companies, united by a desire to improve the Russian Railways information systems operation and to support best practices and new technologies synergy.

Immense experience and intellectual potential let Russian Railways IT Infrastructure absorb innovations and provide the ability to stable and responsible operation.

I would like to wish the conference participants success, fruitful work, productive, interesting and useful meetings and their plans successfully to carry out.

OCRV General Director Gabil Abyshov

Anatoly Kitsura, Business Dialogue

Dear participants of the XVIII International Conference and Exhibition “Information Technologies in Transport” (Infotrans - 2013),

The impressive growth of Infotrans (now in its 18th edition, which is quite a feat for any industry event) is proof that the Conference is in great demand among IT specialists and the transport community.

The Infotrans agenda will, as always, jam-packed, focusing on electronic document management, electronic data interchange, interagency cooperation, the training of IT specialists and IT Service Management.

One of the event’s main themes will be railway statistics in Russia, which are celebrating their 140th anniversary this year.

For the first time, the conference will address the issue of intelligent transport systems, with discussions on the matter to be attended by leading Russian and foreign experts.

Much is owed to our traditional partners – Russian Railways, Digital Design, Technoserv, OCRV, Hitachi Data Systems, Huawei, EMC and Microsoft – and the work they have done to help develop the Conference and strengthen its intellectual component. And we are also grateful to a number of new IT companies that have decided to support Infotrans and take active, and meaningful, part in the Conference – NetApp and itSMF Russia. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you all, and I hope that we will continue to work together in the future.

I am sure that the Infotrans Conference has something new to offer every single participant in the event, that it will give people the chance to learn something useful for themselves and for their company. I wish you success in your professional endeavours and all the very best.

Business Dialogue General Director Anatoly Kitsura