Welcome Letters

On behalf of Russian Railways, I welcome the participants, guests and organisers of the XIX International Exhibition and Conference Information Technologies in Transport Infotrans 2014.

The introduction of state-of-the-art information, communications and intellectual technologies and systems is instrumental to promoting competitiveness of any company. They produce a direct impact on the convenience, speed and quality of services and, in the long run, on customer loyalty.

This is especially relevant for us, because Russian Railways is currently being transformed from a carrier into a transport and logistics holding. The focus on development of logistics competencies enhances the appeal of railways in creation of Eurasian transit routes and opens up new opportunities for operators, forwarders and other companies working on the international transport market.

Opinions of practising professionals are crucial, including those of IT specialists at railway companies and state regulators, and representatives of other infrastructure organisations that are facing similar challenges.

I believe that the reputable experts and practising professionals brought together at the conference will conduct an open dialogue concerning the challenges to which the IT sector must respond and analyse other crucial aspects of the operation of railway transport associated with these issues.

I appreciate the efforts by representatives of St Petersburg State University of Railway Transport, who organised the first Infotrans conference back in 1995. I wish all participants in today's Infotrans successful and rewarding work and I wish this conference continued progress.

Vladimir Yakunin
Russian Railways

On behalf of the OCRV, Russian Railways affiliated company, I welcome the participants and organizers of the XIX International Conference and Exhibition Information Technologies in Transport 2014.

Railways maintain a leading position among all means of transport (air, water and overland) both in freight and passenger transportation. Essential support in the leadership and efficient operation of railways are guaranteed by a large scale of reliable information systems that serve to meet the increasingly high business demands, assist to maintain competitive advantage on the transport service market and give assurance to the efficiency of the transport process in the whole, to high quality of services designed for all members of the market, and also to the stable development of the Russian economy.

For the 19th time the Forum invites for participation the best Russian and international IT specialists in transport, united by a desire to improve information systems operation on the transport service market.

Immense experience and intellectual potential let Russian Railways IT Infrastructure absorb innovations and provide the ability to stable and responsible operation.

I would like to wish the conference participants success, fruitful work, productive, interesting and useful meetings and their plans successfully to carry out.

Gabil Abyshov
General Director

Dear participants of the Conference!

On behalf of the Hitachi Data Systems company I am glad to congratulate you with the event opening. Transport is one of the key economy sectors considered by the government as one of the most important. It's impeccable work has a huge impact on business organizations and each of us individually. Maintaining this high standard would be impossible without efficient and reliable IT-infrastructure. And every year, transport companies raise their demands for the IT and maintaining internal business processes, especially continuity and efficiency becomes increasingly important. Conference "Information Technologies in Transport" is a significant event for the experience exchange and advanced technological solutions demonstration in this area.

Hitachi develops technologies to implement and support social innovations to increase the quality of people life around the world. Information Technologies - one of the Hitachi sphere of activity. Highly reliable cloud-based services, advanced security technologies and Big Data manage can effectively support the business processes in the transport corporations, and ensuring their reliability and continuity. Hitachi Data Systems products have low power consumption, which has a positive effect on the environment.

I sincerely wish the participants success in implementing innovative solutions, fruitful work, useful meetings and their plans successfully to carry out.

Yuri Skachkov
General Manager RCIS
Hitachi Data Systems